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NDR Free Trade Warehousing Zone Chennai is the latest and most advanced multi-purpose Free Trade Zone in India. We offer an ideal launch pad to do business in the subcontinent. We ensure smooth export import formalities, business-friendly ecosystem, global infrastructure, Indian government duty and tax exemptions or deferment (as suitable), transaction in free currency, seamless distribution across the continent, value added services covering assembly and light manufacturing and exceptional facilities. Strategically located close to the sea gateways of Chennai, NDR Free Trade Warehousing Zone Chennai affirms speedy processing and secure storage, maximizing revenue, business velocity and efficiency.

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NDR Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has proposed to set up an FTWZ in Raigad, Maharashtra, over an area of 50.98 hectares (125.96 acres), with a total proposed investment of ₹700.81 crore.

According to the memorandum, the developer has already procured 117.6 acres of land and for the remaining 8.36 acres they have done agreements for sale.

What We Do

NDR is one the way to become Asia's Number 1 Free Trade Zone based in India. The journey has started with the commissioning of the NDR Free Trade Warehousing Zone Chennai.

NDR's Mumbai Free Trade Zone is going to be commissioned by end of 2020.

NDR firmly believes that Free Trade Zones will boost the economy of India and offer a new meaning and opportunity to - Make in India. These FTWZs can easily dovetail into global supply chains to bring in - Value in India. So global companies can leverage these FTWZs to manufacture, assemble, finish, pack or carry out specific activities and then distribute their merchandise within India or to any other country.

NDR is bullish about Commodity Exchanges - both for metals and agri commodities. NDR is an accredited Warehouse Service Provider (WSP) with BSE, Mumbai. NDR has a compelling vision that cross border delivery of commodities will soon happen through the various Free Trade Zones.

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FTWZ as a special category of Special Economic Zones with a focus on trading and warehousing.

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We take charge of the complete warehouse to offer the space to different clients for storage the commodities.

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We have dedicated infrastructure to assist us with our operations and have deployed trailers, mobile and hydra cranes.

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NDR has a vision of arming all its FTWZs with a functional rail siding.

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