NDR Group Overview

NDR Group Overview

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NDR Group Overview

Origin and Birth of a Pioneer

Seven years after India's independence and four years after India became a sovereign, democratic republic, in the year 1954, NDR was formed in the quaint city of Nellore in the southern state of India's Andhra Pradesh.

The name of the founding patriarch was Shri Naidu Dasaradharami Reddy. It is from his name that NDR derives its own name. The founding father's vision that logistics is behind the success of any high performing company, still drives the vision and mission of NDR as a corporate entity.



The powerful and forward looking outlook of the founder laid a strong foundation to the NDR Group. The company accelerated and expanded across the entire South India. And in the early part of the 1970s entered into 3PL Warehousing Services under its own brand.


The Rise of the Logistics Powerhouse

The joining of the son of the founder, Shri Naidu Adikesavulu Reddy at the helm of the NDR Group , as Chairman, coincided with the meteoric rise of the company.